Community Gold rewards volunteers

Red Door Pizza Community GoldOur volunteers from Buninyong Sustainability’s Expo Team celebrate the successful 2023 Smart Living Expo with thanks to the Buninyong Community Bank - our $250 of Community Gold vouchers were happily spent next door to the bank with Red Door Pizza.

As a community striving to live sustainably, we would achieve very little without the work of volunteers, and appreciate the opportunity to thank them for their efforts. The Community Bank Buninyong supports Buninyong Sustainability by sponsoring our Smart Living Expo, turning up at the expo to communicate their work and show off their EV, enabling us to have meetings in the Community House, and have this opportunity to reward our volunteers. Next year, 2024, will be our 10th expo (only missing 2021 due to the pandemic), and a great time to join us!

Please continue your support of our Bank, and all of the businesses that make up our community.

We ask you to join us in supporting the Buninyong Community Bank by following them on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn @communitybankbuninyong

Photo, from left: Andrea Mason, Lisa Cressy, Michelle Corcoran, Andrew Aitken, Thomas Aitken, Clare Aitken, Betty McGuinness, Jill Clarke, Paul Duggan (missing Sue Nunn, Justin Weyers)Community_Bank_Buninyong.jpg


2023 Expo team